26 October 2021

Why are super concentrated products better than RTU products?

A single litre of Evans Super Concentrate product can make 100 trigger sprays of RTU product.

When this is extrapolated out into pack sizes that are sold the results are seen in the table below:

Fact Concentrate R.T.U.
1 pack (4x1L) 400 triggers 6 triggers
1 pallet 30,000 triggers 540 triggers
Equivalents 1 pallet 55.5 pallets
Weight of plastic 31.2kg 2.3 tonnes (2300kg)
Weight of cardboard 10.5kg 599.4kg

From the data above you can see that we are already saving lots of waste cardboard and plastic.

We can also from this work out a carbon saving for the transportation.

A standard artic lorry holds 26 pallets and produces approx. 150kg CO 2 e for every 100 miles travelled. So, a lorry load of concentrates for 100 miles, roughly our site to Leicester would account for 150kg CO 2 e. For the equivalent triggers this would be 55 (and a half) lorries, equalling a whopping 8250kg CO 2 e, roughly the same as a flight from London to Hong Kong and back.

So, by choosing to use super concentrate over an RTU product not only are you saving plastic and cardboard waste but also reducing your carbon footprint significantly.