About Greentick

At Evans Vanodine we have been accredited to ISO14001 in 2007. As part of maintaining this accreditation we have had to prove that we have been doing continuous improvement under our Environmental Management Systems.

Optimum Performance - Minimum Impact

One advantage of scoring all our products against GreenTick methodology is that it enables us to highlight the lowest impact product within each product category. This helps users to choose the lowest impact product suitable for their cleaning task. Using a low impact product to carry out a cleaning task in the wrong circumstance does not serve the best interest of the environment, therefore it is important to:

  • Select the right product for the job.
  • Use the recommended dilution rate.
  • Dispose of it responsibly.

WEIR to GreenTick

What has happened to WEIR?

WEIR has been updated and upgraded and is part of the base which forms the GreenTick range.

GreenTick is a more holistic view of our entire process of getting your products to you. Encompassing the raw materials used, through making, filling, transportation and impacts of use the system makes a life cycle assessment of each product in the range. We have also aligned the system with some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The lower the score the less impact the product has on the environment. Only the lowest impact products go into the GreenTick range and display the GreenTick logo.

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