24 November 2022

Plastic, cardboard and CO2 reductions

Last year, Evans manufactured 292,800 L of e:dose products, which is our super concentrate range. If you compare this with using the equivalent amount of solution as conventional ready-to-use products, it equates to saving large volumes of single use plastic and cardboard packaging, which in turn also leads to fewer deliveries being made and wagons on the road, thereby reducing vehicle emissions.

Our Environment and Sustainability Manager, Vikki Morris, worked out the total savings which would have been made on using all those e:dose products and diluting at point-of-use, versus shipping and using the equivalent amount of RTU products as below:

    292,800 L e:dose super concentrates
    2,223 tonnes LESS single use plastic
    775 tonnes LESS cardboard
    2,047 FEWER wagons on the road
    307 tonnes LESS CO2e (based on a 26 pallet load travelling 100 miles)

The e:dose range delivers products easily and economically in a simple, colour-coordinated system that covers all significant sections of the daily cleaning schedule. These super concentrates are formulated by selecting highly effective ingredients and combining them with clean, fresh perfumes to provide exceptional cleaning performance with a refreshing fragrance. The range also includes two unperfumed products for areas where fragrance is not appropriate, such as in food areas and catering. The e:dose range is available in 1 litre dosing bottles and 5 litre bottles refills, which can be used through our e:dose wall mounted dispensing systems.

To find out more about our e:dose products, you can visit each product page below or download our e:dose Brochure.

To find out more about our dosing systems, download our Dosing Brochure.

EC2 Degreaser

EC4 Sanitiser

EC6 All-Purpose

EC7 Heavy-Duty

EC8 Air Freshener

EC9 Washroom