16 June 2022

Parlour Pro Cleaning System

Evans Vanodine is maintaining its support for better hygiene in the dairy industry by introducing a NEW dairy parlour foam cleaning system, Evans Parlour Pro.
The Parlour Pro is a robust wall mounted chemical dilution unit which is plumbed directly into the farm’s water supply and connected to a cleaning detergent. The unit then produces a ready-to-use foam which adheres to surfaces and enables longer contact time for better cleaning. Parlour Pro removes the need for manual mixing, which not only makes it easier for farmers to clean their parlours after milking, but also enhances hygiene and help prevent environmental infections or contamination of milk. 

The foam, when sprayed onto the parlour structure and equipment, will help to clean and remove dirt and soiling easily. Parlour Pro comes with a 25m hose with foaming and rinsing lance attachments, allowing the farmer to switch between foam cleaning and rinsing with ease. 

The Parlour Pro System is just one more tool in the farmers toolbox for helping to achieve and maintain high standards of biosecurity and food hygiene. It is cost effective and easy to use, due to the integrated dilution system, designed specifically for the farmer, which will not damage equipment or fittings in the milking parlour.

Simon Ward, of Treworder Farm in Cornwall, who has trialled the Parlour Pro, said “We installed the Parlour Pro 15 months ago and used it twice a day, which has enabled us to maintain a high degree of cleanliness in our robot clean rooms. With the time savings it provides us, we are really pleased with this product.”

Parlour Pro is recommended for use in conjunction with Evans TARGET™ detergent and the world’s number 1 iodine disinfectant, FAM® 30, when extra biosecurity is required.

Target is a heavy-duty alkaline foam detergent, which produces a thick foam for extra adhesion to vertical surfaces. It effectively removes dirt and soiling with ease and can be used in hot or cold water. FAM 30 is a powerful and fast-acting iodophor disinfectant, which is active in presence of organic matter. An Authorised biocide, it is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. It can also be used as a foam, providing a longer contact time. Both products are suitable in all water conditions.

Evans Vanodine houses three on-site laboratories which ensure the products you receive are of the highest quality and comply with industry regulations. Our extensive range of products is complimented by a hands-on approach - technical support and farm visits, comprehensive literature, support materials and micro profiles - providing customers with the tools and expertise to implement a successful and effective hygiene programme. If you are struggling with elevated Bactoscans and high Somatic Cell Counts and require help to reduce them, we are here to offer advice and have the expertise to assist you to achieve the results you desire. 

To discover more about Evans Parlour Pro, visit the product page HERE to watch a video and download support material.