04 October 2022

A new chapter for
the Evans Vanodine brand

The Evans Knight, which has represented the business through its many chapters since being established in 1919, has been a symbol of Evans Vanodine’s principle of fighting against, and protecting from, infection. From now on, the Evans Vanodine Knight will bear a new look.

In 2019, Evans Vanodine achieved the impressive milestone of a century in business, one which the Evans family is extremely proud of.  Following its centenary year, Evans Vanodine felt it was the perfect time to reflect and forge a path forward for the next 100 years. As an independent family business, Evans Vanodine accepts that evolution must occur and, with it, so must the brand.  

During this time of contemplation, Evans Head Office, based in Preston, underwent major refurbishments, including further investment in its 3 on-site laboratories, to become state-of-the-art resources for research and product development, quality control, and microbiological testing. 

Following on from this, core changes were made within the business. New mission and vision statements were developed, to give purpose in the unprecedented climate of COVID-19, to keep its core values at the heart of Evans. Furthermore, the different divisions around the business were analysed to build upon their individual positive attributes, in order to develop a brand that encompasses all markets and to help navigate a new future for Evans Vanodine.

After these core developments were completed, visual elements of the brand needed to be addressed, to modernise the Evans’ look; an update which would symbolize its second century of business. The first of these visual changes is the Evans Vanodine logo. The Evans Knight carries a legacy and heritage for the Evans family, signifying strength, commitment, protection and safety; it is a symbol which could not be replaced. However, a 21st century makeover was required. The Evans Vanodine Knight has had many iterations over the years, from its early days, advertising Evans ‘1066 Conqueror Toilet Blocks’, to a simple, single colour ‘Crusaders in Hygiene’ Knight. Evans Vanodine are pleased to announce a new brand logo, with the shield and sword still proudly on show, there as a sign of its dedication to helping customers, to safeguard others from harmful pathogens and unclean surroundings – from hospitals and schools to farms and processing plants.

Updates to its website and labels and packaging will follow, to allow for greater clarity across its professional hygiene, agricultural and export divisions. Some of these changes will be rolled out over time, to minimise disruption to its processes, but, more importantly, to minimise impact on the environment, by using up existing stocks and avoiding unnecessary waste.

This brand refresh, along with its centenary changes and premises expansion is a strong message to customers, the industry, and staff alike that Evans is here to stay and grow for the next 100 years. Evans Vanodine will continue to evolve, looking to make a difference within the industries it serves, accompanied by a renewed purpose that can support all stages of the supply chain, whilst maintaining its commitment to values befitting of its heritage, professionalism and expertise.