26 October 2021

Assessing the Environmental Impact of our products

Evans Greentick is our unique way of assessing the Environmental Impact of our products.

Using this system we have the ability to be able to compare all our products on a like by like basis.

How do we do this?

We use eight different measures to produce our product scores:

  • Raw Materials used
  • Environmental Hazard Classification of the Product
  • Impact of water used in the Product
  • Impact of the Product in use and Disposal
  • Impact of Packaging
  • pH balance
  • Energy used to produce
  • Transportation

Using this takes in to account the whole lifecycle of the products and creates a cradle to grave methodology for the assessment.

We are able to analyse our products in this manner due to creating the formulations in our inhouse R&D laboratory and manufacturing and filling the products at our site.

Why do we use this?

Using our own bespoke methodology means that we can then create an assessment for each product and compare them like for like. For example, which is our lowest impact hard surface cleaner. This has then enabled us to produce our Greentick range from the lowest impact product in each of the product categories.

Why do we do this?

We want you to be able to make a choice based on your needs. By indicating which of our products is the lowest impact gives you clear information when choosing your product range. We would always advocate however that the best product will not always be a GreenTick product but the impact to the Environment can be limited by using the correct product for the correct task. This stops overuse, ensures the task is completed as required and to the standard required.

Our advice

Speak to your sales reps to ensure the products you are using are the correct one. Where specialist knowledge is required they will seek advice from our on site technical departments.

Where options are available there may be a GreenTick product available.

Read the labels and stick to the dilution rates quoted on them for the task you are doing.